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Fight Fatigue The 7-Day Diet Plan

This book teaches you how to give up poor, energy-sapping foods.
Paperback: £3.00

Real Food For Vegetarians

Real Food for Vegetarians focuses on easy to produce and quick to cook vegetarian meals.
Paperback: £3.99

Slow Cooking for Yourself

Restaurant quality food-ready when you walk through your door
Paperback: £8.99

Can’t Cook Want to Learn

You can cook it all - really you can! Cooking isn't difficult if you have teacher and cookery writer Carolyn Humphries to strip away the mystique.
Paperback: £8.99

Just the Two of Us

I have categorised these recipes as Quickstep, Foxtrot - a little more time - and Waltz - indulge!
Paperback: £8.99

Slow Cooking Curry and Spice Dishes

The long, slow cooking tenderises the meats and maximises the exotic flavours of the spices while it does so.
Paperback: £7.99

Slow Cooking Through the Seasons

Ideas, ideas, ideas - new slow-cooking adventures that make eating an indulgence and a pleasure.
Paperback: £6.99

Quick & Easy Low-fat Cooking in Colour

Low in fat, high in taste. Here is great eating that transforms your health and your body!
Paperback: £7.99

Quick & Easy 20-Minute Meals in Colour

Here you’ll find healthy meals that take only minutes to prepare – stylish and modern eating with real goodness and flavour that’s also fast and easy.
Paperback: £7.99

New Students’ Veggie Cook Book New Edition

Understanding the real needs of the modern student, Carolyn offers her imaginative and fun ideas both for the communal kitchen and the single cook.
Paperback: £5.99
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