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Quick and Easy
Students Cookbook

Cooking when you're broke, ravenous and out of milk
Paperback: £4.99

Classic 1000 Beginners Recipes

Down to earth advice and great-tasting recipes for new cooks.
Paperback: £8.99

Classic 1000 Student Recipes

Here are 1000 brilliant ideas to feed you well without expecting much skill on your part. And they're all very inexpensive
Paperback: £6.99

Can’t Cook Want to Learn

You can cook it all - really you can! Cooking isn't difficult if you have teacher and cookery writer Carolyn Humphries to strip away the mystique.
Paperback: £8.99

Student Food in Colour

Tempting food that looks both trendy and grown-up. Cool food that resonates strongly, yet is EASY and QUICK to prepare.
Paperback: £6.99

New Students’ Veggie Cook Book New Edition

Understanding the real needs of the modern student, Carolyn offers her imaginative and fun ideas both for the communal kitchen and the single cook.
Paperback: £5.99