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Old Moore’s Horoscope Aries 2017

Old Moore identifies your key days – weeks in advance. And he tells you what best to plan into them, so you get the most out of their active influences.
Paperback: £5.99

New Pub League Quiz Book 3

Use at home as a family quiz book, at work or in the pub. Pub League members can use the quizzes as study-aids and the examples of actual fixtures allow you to play according to League rules.
Paperback: £4.99

Pub Tricks and Brain Teasers

A store of tricks to brighten up any flagging conversation or liven up a dull party.
Paperback: £4.99

Complete Book of Solitaire & Patience Games

This is the new updated edition of the classic book for the novice player and seriously addicted alike.
Paperback: £8.99

Hidden Code of Cryptic Crosswords

This unique book unlocks the mysteries of cryptic crosswords, revealing step by step how clues are constructed.
Paperback: £7.99

Measure Your EQ Factor

Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success.
Paperback: £5.99

Royal Road to Card Magic (Video Edition)

The CLASSIC card magic text now carries VIDEO CLIP downloads
Paperback: £11.99

Senior’s Golf School

Easy to read and understand, fully illustrated with photographs to demonstrate the techniques, it can help anyone improve their striking ability and reduce their scores
Paperback: £11.99

Tunbridge Ware and Related European Decorative Woodwares

Tunbrige Ware is unrivalled in its scholarship, the book is invaluable as an aid to identifying examples of decorative woodwares in antique shops, at auctions or as exhibits in museums or galleries.
Paperback: £35.00

New Complete Manual of Racing and Betting Systems

David Duncan has the formula for breaking that losing streak and it’s one that novices can follow as easily as the experts.
Paperback: £17.99
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