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Raphael's Ephemeris 2017

Recognised by astrologers as the most accurate and reliable ephemeris and aspectarian

Brit Guide to Orlando 2015

Re-written every year - PLUS its own website

Classic 1000 Calorie-counted Recipes

Eat what you want, enjoy the food and lose weight. This imaginative recipe creation has produced a book full of ideas to plan new and exciting meals every week.

English Silver Hallmarks Updated Edition

You don’t have to know anything about hallmarks to use this book, it’s been designed to be a visual index.

How to Calm a Challenging Child Know How

When emotions are high, intelligence is low – that’s when you need my book. It shows you how to calm tempestuous situations to maintain a co-operative, happy and harmonious family

Raphael’s Ephemeris 2012

Every astrologer preparing accurate birth charts needs the information in this book.