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Rowena Shepherd

Rowena Shepherd In the Atavist Tarot, Rowena Shepherd has had the chance to bring together her academic interest in religious and mythological symbolism and tarot cards, and her training in the Western mystery tradition, in particular her knowledge of the qabala.
Rowena first started studying the imagery on tarot cards at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, where she took two degrees in Art History. She has continued to pursue her interest in world religious and mythological symbolism, and edited the Thames and Hudson dictionary of symbols, 1000 Symbols, (2002). However, the ground-breaking and startling imagery of Sally Annett's deck inspired her to take her interest further, in particular using her training in the Western mystery tradition, she has assessed the imagery in terms of the qabala, and has found a way of using this deck to train intuitive side of the mind, not only to produce better readings but also so that it can act as a doorway through to the spiritual realms. The quabala section would also prove extremely useful to any student training in the western mystery tradition as it brings the four dimensional aspects of the quabala to life.  
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