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Simon & Susan Veness

Author Biography

Simon Veness Sports and travel writer Simon has been in the journalism business since 1981 and was the original founder of the Brit Guide travel book series with UK publishers Foulsham in the mid-1990s. He quickly discovered sport and travel were good companions as he developed the Brit's Guide series in tandem with his specialty for American sports coverage with several British newspapers. His acclaimed freelance writing has grown to include a huge variety of outlets, from major British newspapers The Sun, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, The Telegraph and The Independent to specialty publications like RCI Holiday, Essentially America and World of Cruising magazine (which he also edited from 1999-2014). He has featured on BBC TV's Holiday programme, various UK regional radio stations, and Fox 35 TV in Orlando, while he also writes the View From America column for

As final proof of the perfect compatability of travel and sport, Simon's formative years were spent in Southern Africa, where his family lived for seven years, and he was national junior tennis champion in 1975 and '76 - in Botswana! Susan Veness, Susan is an international travel writer, solo author of the hugely successful The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World and its two follow-up titles and co-author in the Brit Guide travel book series, having decided that writing holds more fascination than her degree in Bioenergetic medicine. She was among the first (very young!) visitors to Walt Disney World in 1971 and has maintained a keen interest in Orlando, Disney and the theme parks ever since, giving rise to an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Mouse-like. Her eye for detail and Disney savvy led her to becoming a contributor to a major (unofficial) Disney website and discussion forum, which she then parlayed into a job with the Brit Guide travel series as principal research assistant on their Orlando title in 2001.

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Brit Guide to Orlando 2015

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