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Author: Carolyn Humphries
ISBN: 9780572034214
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 160 pages
Publication Date: Available

Slow Cooking Through the Seasons

Carolyn Humphries
By Carolyn Humphries whose books sell over 90,000 copies a year.

*The leader of our slow-cooking recipe development team.

* A thoroughly practical, accessible, imaginative cookery writer.

*New recipes that provide fresh healthy-food eating by following our seasons through the year.

*These recipes provide eat-in meals of restaurant quality.

Can you remember the last time you noticed the sheer pleasure of the flavour in your food? It's not easy when the food in our supermarkets has spent so long in the food chain. But if you buy the best seasonal ingredients, they will bring your taste memories flooding back.

Here is a flavour book where the ingredients are sensational and everything tastes as it should taste. Each month target a few recipes that interst you. Add their ingredients to your shopping list and you're on your way to the best lifestyle change you can make for yourself and the environment.

"f this doesn't improve your quality of life I'll eat my hat!"