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Author: Carolyn Humphries
ISBN: 9780572034276
Specifications: 120x100mm, paperback, 256 pages
Publication Date: Available

Pocket Calorie Counter

Carolyn Humphries
* Carolyn Humphries is a best-selling cookery author with strong nutritional knowledge.

* This book is simply the BEST of its kind in the UK.

* As the others present it – it is 125cals per 100gm. Useful? NO!

* Is 204cals per 5 heaped tablespoons more useful? YES.* Should you have to know what CATEGORY a food falls into before you can look it up? NO.

* You want to know the actual calorie content of the food you eat.

It’s simply not useful to present information listed under brand names and that’s what the other books do. How do you compare the same foods under different brands? Very, very slowly, if at all! Do we really care about one tea biscuit having two more calories than another? We don’t think so. People want the CALORIE values for what they are considering for purchase, and then they want them for the portion they want to eat. That’s what we do here.

The Pocket Calorie Counter is an easy-to-use list of foods and drinks, providing the calorie content per portion, together with the carb, fat and fibre content. All this information comes packed into a small enough book for you to carry it with you everywhere!