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Author: Cassandra Eason
ISBN: 9780572034924
Specifications: 234x152mm, paperback, 144 pages
Publication Date: 31 October 2008

Your Angel is Waiting to Help

Cassandra Eason
* At entry level, Cassandra is probably Britain’s best-selling MBS writer.

* A natural magick practitioner with a degree in psychology is a reassuring communicator. New stories of angel contact surface every year.

* Comforting stories that are universally positive and always amazing.

* Here Cassandra provides exercises that open the mind to these powerful benefits.

* Angels are waiting to help but they need the right mind-set to be able to communicate with you.

For most of us, the connection is too subtle and we come to the topic with a degree of scepticism. We don’t believe in angels so we don’t ever benefit from angelic communication. This is a tragic wasted opportunity because the connection is so valuable and will substantially enrich life. The book opens with twenty-five methods that can be used to develop awareness and to show how to detect angelic presence. It then introduces us to the concept of creating a still angel place and identifying who is our personal guardian angel – YOU have one. It provides the alternative routes to open contact with the angels closest to us and explains how to make close celestial friends. But the tighter focus is on the guardian angel as the one with whom we will have the most frequent and closest links.