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Author: Catherine Atkinson
ISBN: 9780572035419
Specifications: 198x186mm, paperback, 256 pages
Publication Date: 23 November 2009

Classic Casseroles for your Slow Cooker

Catherine Atkinson
*This is the best-selling collection of Great Classic Casseroles of the world - redesigned to cook in your slow cooker.

*They are all Classics because they have won recognition in their own right for their great eating. And in a slow cooker they get even better.

The slow cooker brings out the hidden depth of flavours. The sweetness of the vegetables is enhanced and the tenderness of the meats becomes remarkable. This is great eating - for every day, weekends or holidays. Just take your pick to suit your mood or the season - Simple Irish Stew - Coq au Vin - Easy Beef Stroganoff - Bouillabaisse - Sweet and Sour Pork - Chicken Gumbo - Lancashire Hot-pot - Boston Baked Beans. Fabulous food and great eating on every page.

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