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Author: Anna Jaskolka
ISBN: 9780572035549
Specifications: 240x170mm, paperback, 191 pages
Publication Date: 15 May 2011

Picture Book of Body Language

Anna Jaskolka
*Anna Jaskolka is a TV presenter, and writer, who has studied body language.

*95% of human communication is through body language.

*Understanding it is empowering – 500 researched pictures now make it so much easier to grasp.

*Body language never lies, so understanding it puts you in almost complete control of people and events.

*It’s easy to learn, absolutely fascinating to study and really enjoyable to become fluent.

*Why it’s not taught in school is a mystery – it’s a valuable social skill.

95% of communication is non-verbal: the shifty glance, the gentle touch, the folded arms or the hard stare. Wordless communication is instant and instinctive. So it’s astonishing that we don’t take time to learn the subtleties of this ancient and revealing language. Understanding the body’s responses puts you in control. You can make the right impression; show someone you care; know when they fancy you – and make sure they know you fancy them! You can recognise stress or aggression and learn to calm the situation and be sure who is telling the truth – and who isn’t. The ultimate in self-awareness that lets you understand others and be understood.