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Author: Kareen Zebroff
ISBN: 9780572028022
Specifications: 240x167mm limp, 144 pages
Publication Date: March 2002

Gentle Introduction To Yoga

Kareen Zebroff
* The ideal book for newcomers to the joy, peace and health of Yoga

* Easy-to-do positions and exercise programmes in full colour

* Breathing exercises to increase physical and mental health

* You are what you eat! An eye-opening section on nutrition

* Kareen offers achievable Yoga exercises to keep the body trim and fit.

* Some years ago TV presenter Kareen Zebroff was depressed, overweight and lacking in energy.

* This mother of three then discovered Yoga, and went on to keep up her busy schedule of a daily half-hour TV show in Canada and a weekly TV programme in Germany.

We all know of the great benefits claimed for this Eastern system of nutrition, physical exercise and breath control.
People of all ages and abilities are now turning to Yoga to combat stress and tension. And to help them bring balance to their lifestyle.
In this book, yoga is presented at a very accesible level and in such clear terms that anyone can experience the benefits almost immediately for themselves.