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Author: Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue
ISBN: 9780572045876
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 320 pages, illustrated. Pack Size: 16
Publication Date: October 5th 2015

Royal Road to Card Magic

Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue
* New edition of a classic study plan by a respected inventor and performer.

* Highly regarded by the magicians of the Magic Circle and the catalyst for more than one professional career.

* Companion volume to The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.

* Learn the fundamentals, the tricks, the presentation and the delivery that will make for success.The Classic card magic text now carries VIDEO CLIP downloads. The 'must have' title for every new magician. The Book now includes new QR codes that provide 110 video clip downloads that students will find very valuable.

As a magician your greatest reward is to astonish and perplex your audience – using just a simple pack of cards. And to do that, you need to master more than just the sleights of hand. You have to learn to perform.

This revised edition of a classic work offers the budding magician a brilliant introduction to magic. From classic principles and practice to the art of presentation and a collection of astonishing tricks, everything you need is here.

An experienced and gifted performer, writer and teacher, Hugard’s exceptional combination of skills shines through in the clarity of his explanations. His example has inspired a generation of magicians – and will inspire you to succeed in baffling your audience.

“The shortest and easiest route to successful card magic is a careful study of this indispensable book” Michael Bailey, President of the Magic Circle

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