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Author: John Youngblood
ISBN: 9780572028909
Specifications: 222x206mm, paperback, 168 pages, illustrated
Publication Date: July 2003

Senior’s Golf School

John Youngblood
* From 28 to scratch in one year playing once a week – that’s what the author achieved with this programme.

* Golf is a hugely popular and growing sport across all age groups.

* Fully illustrated with photographs to demonstrate correct technique.

* A complete and structured programme to improve golfing skills.

* This is not just theory; this system has been tested – and it works.

Written by a self-confessed ‘duffer’, at the age of 70 John Youngblood was stalemated at scores between 90 and 100. Playing just once a week, he decided to improve his handicap. And within a year, he was playing from scratch! This book shows how he did it and gives readers the complete programme so that they can follow his example. Easy to read and understand, fully illustrated with photographs to demonstrate the techniques, it can help anyone improve their striking ability and reduce their scores. And as the scores get lower, golf will be a lot more fun – and that’s what it’s all about.