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Author: Lynn Underwood
ISBN: 9780572022679
Specifications: 216x135mm, paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: Available

Woman Alone Can Be Contented A

Lynn Underwood
* More and more people – especially women – are now living along. It’s a fact of 21st-century living.

* Living alone – by choice or otherwise – has many advantages.

* This guide shows single woman how to appreciate its true benefits.

* Written by a woman who became single, for the single women of the 21st century.

A practical guide which makes living alone a positive experience. Down-to-earth advice on the key aspects of a single lifestyle: running a home; dealing with finances; organising a good social life; and resolving relationship issues. A book that will place its reader’s focus on the many plus points that are to be found in being single. It will ensure that anyone forced by circumstances to live alone, does so with a change of attitude which turns this single experience into an enjoyable living.