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Author: Michael Horgan
ISBN: 9780572029159
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 64 pages
Publication Date: November 2003

Blue Book of Seriously Rude Limericks

Michael Horgan
* You really don’t need a description – it does exactly what is says on the cover!

* A collection of unique and original limericks on matters of sex, bodily functions … and more sex!

* Humour at its best – you’ve never heard limericks like this before.

* Put plenty on the shelves – your customers will love them and you’ll laugh all the way to the till.

Unlike some publishers, there’s one thing you can guarantee with humour books from Foulsham – they make you laugh! Just look at the success of our humour range: from Mitch Murray’s One-liners for Weddings to Seriously Rude Jokes for Bad Boys. And this collection of original limericks is seriously funny! So if you want to know what ‘A dusky young maiden from Goa, Invited me upstairs to show her ...’ – and you know you do! – put your order in right now.