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Author: Julia Thorley
ISBN: 9780572030605
Specifications: 198x129mm, paperback, 192 pages, illustrated
Publication Date: 28 March 2005

Simple Conjuring Tricks for Everyone

Julia Thorley
* Julia Thorley is an editor and writer in Magic.

* The Foreword is written by Michael Bailey Past President of The Magic Circle.

* Magic is undergoing a real resurgence of interest.

* Games consoles are fun and computer games are growing but…

* There is a discernable revival of craft-type interests and old-fashioned activities.

Magic is the sort of subject that runs in families. Grandad did it, or Mum, and there’s a natural wish to share the pleasure of magic with children or grandchildren. This book is crystal clear and focused on effective tricks that really can be performed by amateurs with simple props and bits from around the home. It is time-sensitive about the learning curve and provides success very quickly to keep the motivation and practising going. Here are dozens of really brilliant tricks that will please magic-minded folk from six to sixty – and beyond.