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Author: Pamela Ball
ISBN: 9780572032210
Specifications: 245x167mm, paperback, 392 pages
Publication Date: 13 June 2006

Power of Creative Dreaming

Pamela Ball
From an international best-selling author.

* Professional counsellor and therapist. Dream books sell so well.

* Pamela Ball is the doyenne of dream interpretation.

* While many other authors offer second-hand information, Pamela draws on a lifetime of using dream interpretation as a therapeutic tool.

* This is another major work in the Foulsham collection of dream titles that you sell so well.

Creative dreaming is also called ‘lucid dreaming’ and is the ability to dream with awareness. This book explains how one can achieve this enlightened state. It combines the practical with the theoretical, and enables the reader to create a positive and rewarding dream experience. The contents encompass: dream management; understanding and using symbols and archetypes; using dreams to deal with life’s problems and change day-to-day reality; and devising and keeping a dream journal.