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Author: Catherine Atkinson
ISBN: 9780572033651
Specifications: 216mm x 135mm, paperback, 128 pages, full colour
Publication Date: 30 July 2007

Student Food in Colour

Catherine Atkinson
* Catherine is a nutritionist and Cordon Bleu cook.

* She is ex-deputy Cookery Editor for Woman’s Weekly

* She worked in the Roux Brothers’ kitchen.

* Today, students are different – more discerning, more demanding and sophisticated.

* A growing number of them are cooking.They’ve got the message that it’s cheaper, healthier and easy.

* This is the modern answer to student cookery – carefully chosen recipes with appeal, EACH ONE ILLUSTRATED IN COLOUR.

* This is the book that Mums will want to buy because they can see what’s going on.

Students want to eat well - but they don't have much money or time to spend in the kitchen. We have proved that we know what students, and more importantly their Mums, want in the kitchen.

Here we move things onwards. This is tempting food that looks both trendy and grown-up. The kind of food that you might expect to eat in TGI Friday. Cool food that resonates strongly, yet is EASY and QUICK to prepare. But most importantly, food that can be SEEN for the first time. Food that looks so enticing that it becomes a must-try. This the book that students will want for sure!